Raised in 2019

2019: Triple Digits!!!

It was all engines ablaze for 2019! With 13 people on our roster and many of us exceeding personal fundraising goals, we were able to deliver $128,526 to Dana-Farber! This single year total is more than our team’s first 6 years combined! We’re quite proud to be listed as a Heavy Hitter team for the first time in the PMC ranks.

This year, two new rookies joined our gang. Chris Pubsy convinced newbie Pete King to actually pedal his way to the post-PMC beach party this year and he went full throttle. We think he might be hooked. Ryan Soto approached us last winter to join in on the BFC fun after his own cancer treatments. We hope he enjoyed his ride enough to come back next year — dropping a bike on I-91 en route to Sturbridge and riding all 192-miles on a bike-two-sizes-too-small might be a deterrent for most!

The weather usually ends up being the talk of the PMC weekend and this year was no different. However, the difference in 2019 was that the weather was PERFECT for all three days. Four of us rode from the NY state line on Friday to be greeted by great friends and family at the Library. Thanks so much for coming out! Johnny did go missing for nearly an hour on Friday but only because he was trying to be Mr. Nice Guy helping some other Day 0 riders with a mechanical. Our Friday night merch sales were through the roof with the new hats added this year. Saturday’s ride was filled with traditional PMC excitement and our night capped off with a most memorable tour of the ship — Jasak got permission to ring the ship’s bell and unknowingly set out an alarm which sent a crewmate running to see if someone was overboard!!! Not sure if we’ll be allowed on the ship next year!!!! On Sunday, Chris Smith led us on a high-speed 26 mph train into Brewster only to find ourselves waiting for Ryan Soto, who we all presumed was lost in a sand dune. Ryan was eventually found with the road crew and a brand new set of pedals on his tiny bike!

Even with the great weather, we’re really good at making each PMC its’ own unique adventure. As always, thank you so much for the fundraising support. $128,526 is jaw-dropping. On to 2020!