Raised in 2018

2018: A grand milestone!

Bikes Fight Cancer proudly delivered $79,759 to the PMC bringing our total donation since 2006 to $505,678! That’s over a half-million-dollars for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute! Simply incredible! If you’re reading this, stop right now and give yourself a round of applause–you deserve it for the years of support you’ve given to us, the PMC, Dana-Farber, and ultimately, the patients they serve.

This year our team grew by one new rider, Kevin Mcavoy. This was Kevin’s 4th PMC and he was a great addition for us with the experience and support he came with. Kevin jumped right in to help with every fundraiser and along with Johnny, volunteered to drive 3 of us out to the New York state line at 5am for the Day Zero start! Thanks again!!! Rookie of the Year for sure!

As for the ride recap: PMC weekend always brings out the best in everyone. It’s easily a highlight each and every summer but it’d be hard for anyone on the team to say this was a great year for the actual ride. The challenge of cycling across the state was certainly “interesting” in 2018. The Day 0 Friday ride was perhaps the hottest, most humid ride any of us had ridden. We joked that we couldn’t be any more soaked if it was raining. Then, we found out on Saturday’s Day 1 ride how wrong that thinking was. More than half the day was filled with torrential downpours. Thankfully it wasn’t a cold rain, but the sheer volume of rain was surreal. After finishing for the day in Bourne, we stood in amazement watching the volunteers attempt to cook in the downpour — their PMC was more difficult than ours! And though Sunday’s Day 2 ride was completely beautiful weather-wise, Mike somehow managed to pop two tires in completely unexpected ways (thanks for calling out that pothole, Chris Pubsy!! “I got it”).

We can definitely look back and laugh now — the PMC was and always is an amazing weekend to celebrate the year’s effort in fighting cancer. Thank you all so much.