Raised in 2017


We’ve got another record team donation! Bikes Fight Cancer has delivered a whopping $90,151 to Dana-Farber. We are incredibly proud of this accomplishment — all of the credit goes to the generous support of so many people and organizations! Our business sponsorship is as strong as ever and our annual calendar raffle ran like gangbusters!

This year, our team of 12 PMC veterans welcomed a lone rookie rider named Chris Smith. He jumped head first into the group ready to fundraise and ready to challenge us on every training ride. Honestly, we were all pretty fortunate that Chris let us tag along with him; it’s ridiculous how fast he can climb!

While PMC weekend was filled with many memorable moments across the state, the one that stands out the strongest was the surprise reception we received at our water stop at the Palmer Public Library. We knew some family members would be there to greet us but the volume of cheers and the sight of home-made signs from all of the Palmer Summer Rec Campers was incredible to say the very least. Thank you so much to the counselors who made this possible. It’s hard to express how much that truly meant to us.