Raised in 2013

2013: Couldn't have been better!

Ahhhhh! What a perfect weekend to cap off a long (and somewhat difficult) fundraising season! The 192-mile ride gave us plenty of time to think about a lot of things. After seeing far too many photographs posted along the route of young kids going through treatment at Dana-Farber, it’s obvious why this effort is well worth it. We are fortunate to have the support of so many friends, family members, co-workers, and strangers who fund our ride year after year.

As for the weekend itself, we set up our t-shirt selling station on Friday night in Sturbridge. Big thanks to Momma Bev Morin for making an AMAZING quilt for us to raffle off! We’ve now developed some great “customers” who make sure to visit our table and collect our shirts year after year. It was awesome to see so many people walking around on Friday with our t-shirts from past PMCs. New for this year was Ryan’s courageous attempt at a Bikes Fight Cancer “Kissing Booth”. To the team’s surprise, he actually charmed his way into a few donations!

Saturday began with a 3:15am wake up call and drive out to Sturbridge. We had quite a few people out early in the morning to see us off. Unlike last year, the weather was actually cool throughout the day and was ideal for riding.

Sunday sure felt like the majority of the PMC riders took off well before dawn as the roads were pretty crowed all the way over the Bourne Bridge. The rolling hills alongside Route 6 in Sandwich is likely our favorite 7-mile stretch of the entire route. It was great to see our team riding together for so much of the 192-miles. As always, thanks to everyone for supporting our ride.