Raised in 2011

2011: No rookies this year!

We’ve got experienced fundraisers and riders on our team this year! Our only newcomer, the great and powerful Ron Nadeau, rode with us as an honorary team member in 2010. We’re quite proud to say that the six of us were able to raise over $25,000 for the Jimmy Fund! Thanks, in no small way, to all of our supporters!!

It was nice of Lance Armstrong to try and ride with us in the PMC this year. We saw him Friday night, Jon even got a photo-op, but didn’t seem much of him at all on Saturday or Sunday. One can only assume that he sucking wind at the back of our peloton.

Five of the six of us finished on Sunday. Poor Ryan went into the weekend not feeling well but somehow managed to ride all 110 miles of Day One sick as a dog. We still can’t believe he pushed himself that hard. For the rest of us, the weather was great and the trash talk ran rampant all weekend.