Raised in 2010

2010: It'll be tough to top this year!

What a great year!! We picked up a ROOKIE by the name of Ryan O’Connor and our tag-along from 2009, Bob Zemba, joined as a full-fledged team member. Bob even brought along his best buddy, Ron Nadeau, for the ride. We might have talked him onto our team before the PMC even started! Great group of people for a great cause!

Our fundraising really felt top-notch as well. In our 4th year as a team, our veterans have really hammered down the art of hocking these raffle tickets and our rookies jumped on board and delivered!

The weather was perfect and we held a nearly 20-mph pace throughout the weekend. More importantly though, we were able to establish two traditions along the route which will likely endure for a while. Johnny will now be expected to stop on Cherry Street in Wrentham to play drums with the band at the end of their driveway, and we’ll continue to run along “da’ hedge” in Brewster to give high-fives to all of the kids that line up along the road! So much fun!!