Raised in 2008

2008: Making it great!

The PMC may be a weekend event, but the contributions and support run nearly year-round… and 2008 has been incredible! We are very proud to announce that with your donations, we have raised $13,580 for the Jimmy Fund. It was noticeably more difficult to raise money this year with the tough economy, but that only makes your donations that much more appreciated.

At the Opening Ceremonies on Friday night, one of the speakers said, “With all of the bad news that we come across in our day-to-day lives, it’s really great to have an event where everything feels so right.” We couldn’t agree more. For whatever reason, this year felt especially right. The ride on Saturday and Sunday was easily our best yet. We set a better tempo than we’ve ever pedaled and held our own with groups of cyclists that were well beyond our abilities.

As we’ve stated before, this ride is so much larger than the physical mileage. The people, the stories, and the goal make it one of the very best events we’ll ever be a part of. Thanks again and again.