First Ride of the Year™ 2017

My favorite way to kick off a year is to get out in the fresh air and spin the legs. This year, I nearly talked myself out of the ride as I had to slowly walk my CX bike down my ice-coated driveway. Fortunately, I stuck with it and discovered the roads were in better shape. The weather wasn’t much of an issue; it was cold, but without any wind, it was really pretty nice. I set my sights on the back roads to the Quabbin Tower.

After a climb up Sherman Hill Road, I snapped two photos (per Johnny’s order) and I’m glad I did, since my phone died immediately following. When I reached the Quabbin, I was surprised to find the roads unplowed with 1/4″ to 2/3″ of evenly spread snow. I’ve ridden the Quabbin in all sorts of weather but the way everything looked today was like no other ride. The tower road was littered with a huge variety of animal tracks, which I can only assume were prints left from lions, tigers, and bears. Too bad my phone was dead or I’d share the evidence.

Other than three sets of people out walking and a mountain biker that gave a head nod, I really felt like I had the place to myself. By the time I got home, the bottoms of my feet were frozen, my legs were shot, and I’m ready to get going on 2017.

It’s gonna be another big year for Bikes Fight Cancer.