Party Like It’s 1999

This past weekend my old band Honkey Dorey put on a benefit show to help Team Bikes Fight Cancer raise money for Dana-Farber.

It didn’t take to much convincing HD to agree to play the show. Fiesta Brava and Steve Moskal were quickly on board as well. Diamond Junction offered a space, and Toolbox Promotions covered sound.

It took less than 2 weeks for the show to sell out the show, so I was obviously excited. Fast forward to the night of the show, and the second we walked in to the bowling alley it felt electric! People started showing up early, excited, and ready to help the cause, picking up CDs new and old for a donation.

Steve Moskal opened up the show with a solo set. He nailed it, what an amazing musician. Fiesta Brava picked up the pace with the second set of the night. The room was full and full of life.

Honkey Dorey was up next, and from the first chord we played to the last the room exploded with energy!!! The crowd was dancing like they were kids, in fact every person in that room was transported to their teenage years for 56 min. It wasn’t until after the set when you heard people say “I have to go, my kids are going to be up in a couple hours..” That you realize everyone is an “adult” now.

I can’t thank everyone who came out to the show and supported us. We raised almost $1,500 for Dana-Farber. Not bad for a bunch of punks.

Missed it? Want to see it again? Watch the video!