First Ride of the Year!

For the past six or seven years, January 1st marks our annual First Ride of the Year. No matter the weather, we’ll get out an give it a go. Jon and I headed out on our cross bikes while Johnny had to surprisingly pass since his NYE was spent trying to win millions at the casino.

The temperature was a mighty cool 18 degrees but once we got into the woods, it really wasn’t too bad at all. Without much of a planned route, we headed up the Chickadee Trail along the Swift River. A coin flip decided that we would then head over to the Belchertown Canals rather than the Quabbin. While riding along the canal, a guy in the woods nearby yelled “HEY” and got our attention. We stopped to talk and he said he had recently built some trails nearby. He wanted to show them to us (whether we wanted to see them or not!) and before we knew it we were on this amazing loop of freshly cut singletrack. It really is impressive how much work this guy put into the trails. They were clear of any debris but there were more than enough roots/rocks/turns/climbs/descents/everything to keep it really exciting. I barely sat in the saddle and my lower back is definitely feeling the strain now. We finished up by hopping back on the main canal trail, crossing a couple of icy streams, and freezing-our-faces-off while riding on the road back home.

Johnny definitely missed out on this ride, but there’s no doubt that we’ll be back at these trails on the next chance we get. It’s going to be a great year of riding and the first team meeting on fundraising is coming up in a few weeks. See you then!